Globe GC-1B and 1948 Temco GC-1B Swifts


– Compiled by Jim Montague –

This table covers Serial numbers 1001 – 1527 and 3501 – 3599.  Note Temco serial numbers 3501-3522 also have Globe serial numbers 1505 – 1526.

Serial NumberRegistrationOwnerNotes
1001NC33340Destroyedflipped on back in OH; parted out 1st registered NX33340 on 1-17-46, NC lic. 3-47, sold by Globe Bankruptcy Ct. 5-13-47, acc. Columbus, OH, reg. cancelled 6-70
1002 NC80521 Destroyedacc. in Belleville,TX, 12-12-66, downwind and over GW weight
1003NC33344Destroyed Exported to England. G-AHUU, Changed to LN-DBE in May 1954 Destroyed in Sweden 1-24-57 as SE-CBF during landing on a frozen lake.
1004NC80534Destroyedconv. from GC-1A 6-18-46, sold 6-19-46 accident. 4-30-64, Bloomfield, IA
1005N80600 Bob Fratti, ID Cont 125, painted, first production GC-1B
1006 N80601?
1008N80603Tim Morton, KYCont 210, apart for engine installation
1009N80604Destroyed? 1977 registration to G L Smith, OK
1010N80605Martin Van Pelt, FL Corvette engine, canopy, sticks, experimental (N46VP)
1011N80606 DestroyedVenice,FL, 1-18-81 bad spar repair
1012N80607 Joe Brunet, St-Hubert, Canada Cont 145, Painted was (N82GS) now CF-RGS
1015N80610Destroyed5-9-65,WA aft CG, premature liftoff
1016N80611Stan Lawrence, CAThis Swift was restored after gear up landing in 1986. Restoration completed in 1999. The total time on the airframe is a low 690 hours. I acquired the aircraft February 2014. The current modes: Painted Overall white with silver and blue trim, Flat instrument panel, Cessna 150 seats, extended gear doors, Adel heavy duty gear & gear motor, Lycoming O-360, Hartzell constant speed prop, and Cleveland wheels and brakes. One other note this aircraft has the original non-steerable tailwheel.
1018 N80613Keith Brandt, IACont 210, polished
1019N80614John Herbert, NHCont 145, painted
1020N80615Michelle Reid, CACont 145; polished, original
1021 N80616?
1022N80617Swift Museum Foundation, TN(N30JW) Cont 145, painted
1023N80618?accident 4-20-52 in OH.,no inj.
1024N80619 Blake Uhl, PACont 145, canopy, sticks, painted red (N55Q)
1025 N80620Edward Irving Canadian reg.,a/c in TX, USA C-FDYB
1027N80622Jim & Kathie Semenza, WA Cont 145
1028N80623 Jan Thornsley, CA1966 , rumor sold, being rebuilt?
1029N80624 DestroyedFremont, NE in 1950 parts in IA&NE, tt185hr
1030N80625 Ricky Anderson, TX 150 Lyc. Corben mods
1031N80626Aircraft Guaranty Holdings & Trust, TX Cont 210 (N61PK) to Switzerland?
1032N80627Destroyed Jim Montague had data plate
1035N80630Aaron Johnson, NV150 Lyc. glass cowl, painted
1037N80632 Jim Ray, ALCont 145 (N99B) painted, sticks, Globe rear windows
1039N80634Cody Coombs, KY(N853C) Cont 145, painted red
1042N80637 Charles Nelson, TNCont 210; Canopy etc. polished
1044N80639Destroyed? acc. 4-15-67, St Augustine, FL Reg Nbr on Mig-21 in 2005
1045N80640William Ward, CARegis in 2011
1046N80641 C-FJUKC-FJUK
1047N80642 DestroyedN80643
1048N80643?Regis on Cessna 172 in 2002
1049N80644 Ken Rowe, AZCont 145, glass cowl & tips, painted yellow
1050N80645 Ron Burman, FL Rebuilding, for sale '97
1051N80646 Bryce Ulmer, GA Rebuilding, acc. 4-15-67 in FL
1052N80647 Dom Legarra, CACont 210; glass cowl, polished
1053 N80648Destroyed ?Regis on Cessna 172 in 1997
1054N80649John Macguire, NM
1055 N80650Todd Settig, NJ Exported Spain, was EC-AHM, now (N88013)
1057N80652DestroyedWB Lake,MN 5-25-53; was DSM,IA photo plane John Benson instructing owner, takoff acc. low RPM, Aeromatic
1059N80654Gilmore Schmiel, MIGlass cowl. Polished
1060N80655Destroyed 5-11-71 Monroe, WA
1063N80658Allen Stalker, MACont 125, acc. 11-12-72, long term storage, to be restored
1064 N80659Damaged acc. 4-08-67, Alderwood, WA
1065N80660?Exported was SE-BCD & OY-ADP, SE-BCD current registration.
1067N80662Larry Russell, TN180 Lyc.
1068N80663Destroyedas experimental PC-1 V8, 12-03-94, Lincoln, NE (N234PC)
1069N80664Destroyedin Fl. 2-23-85, fuel pump (N1ZF)
1070N80665Pete King, MDCont 210; painted
1072N80667Damagedacc. 5-28-64, McAlester, OK
1074N80669Reliant Air LLC, NHCont 125, painted red/white (N161S)
1076N80671Thomas Numelin, CA Cont 145, Original
1077N80672Wayne Rholetter, SCCont 210
1078N80673Destroyed? Bob McClean has wing
1079N80674Destroyed11-25-80, W Tisbury, MA VFR in IMC
1080 N80675William Hauselt, CA
1081N80676Mark Trimble, MOCont 145, polished, original
1082N80677Skip Reynolds, TNDamaged, being rebuilt
1084N699R Ronald Invie, IDOriginally N80679
1085N80680Scott Russell, MN Cont 145, polished
1086N80681Destroyed in 1960 crash
1087N80682Destroyed 10-8-83 Venice,FL cowl opened, stall
1088N80683Billey Bernard, ALCont 145, painted (was N10JN) (now N59GL)
1089N80684Adam Domino, FL 180 Lyc. painted
1090N80685 Henry Scott, OR stored, inactive, stock airplane
1091N686TSTerence Lee, GA Cont 125; Originally N80686, was N1KH & N23RE
1092N80687Thomas Peraro, CO
1093N711NTThomas Kurtz, NJ Originally N80688 200 Lyc.
1094 N80689Kurt & Linda von Salzen, CACont 210, 3-bladed prop
1099N80694Thomas Hillier, CAAward winner
1100N80695 Destroyedacc.5-13-71, Spanish Fork, UT
1101N80696Charles Sidenstricker, SCCont 210, canopy, painted, (N157TC)
1102 N80697?
1103 N80698Richard Last, CACont 145
1104 N80911?
1105 N80912?
1106N80913Jon Ewing, FLCont 210; alum. cowl
1107 N80914?
1108N80915Destroyedacc. 10-9-76, Hood River, OR
1110N80917Mike Filucci, KSCont 210, polished (N619JM)
1111N80918Destroyed ?acc. 7-13-79, Puyallup, WA
1112N80919 Bruce Mayes, HICont 210, painted, glass panel. Westover winner 2012
1115N80922Buck Bolding, WA 220 Franklin, canopy, polished
1116N80923 Richard MacInnes, CA 150 Lyc. Sticks etc.
1117 N80924Sam & Liz Klippert, WA Cont 145, painted red
1118 N80925Pick Freeman, SCCont 210, canopy, sticks (N50BS)
1119 N90CMCharles Hopkins, WA Originally N80926 200 Lyc.; Canopy
1120N77767Allan Abell, IL Originally N80927, then was N3AA
1121N80928John Gostomski, NE Cont 210; Canopy, sticks (N20E)
1122N80929 Destroyedparts in NY
1123N80930Henry Scott, ORstored, inactive, last log entry 1951
1124 N80931?
1125N80932Charles Van Trease, TXCont 145, orig. painted
1126N80933Larry Dennis, TX150 Lyc? Canopy
1128N80935Jonathan E. Hutchinson, France 200 Lyc. Canopy, painted (N41P)
1129N80936Jeff Koss, NY 180 Lyc polished
1130N80937Destroyed? reg. to C. Berger, NJ, Steve Halpern has wing with number
1131N80938 Destroyed? accident 8-20-50, in IN,minor injury
1132N80939 ? Exported So Africa, ZS-BKU, ZS-DXB, ZS-FZH, "York Swift"- nose gear conversion
1133N80940Destroyed?parts seen with "N" number
1135N80942Destroyed acc. 12-29-64, Mt Vernon, AR VFR in IMC
1139N80946Chris Carson, OH (N6293X) <-new number
1140N80947Steve Butler, IA
1142N80949Bradley Barker, LARetractable Tailwheel, Smoke System
1143 N80950?
1144N80951 DestroyedTX 12-99 was 220 Franklin;
1146 N80953 Wayne Benson, NY Cont 145; orig,painted
1147N80954 Lawrence Zavits, CanadaCont 125, beginning restoration
1148 N80955Kevin Lane, CACont 210; ex Vince Fette a/c
1149N80956Tom Noyes, MICont 145
1150N80957 Destroyed circumstances unk. Don Andress has data plate
1151N80958 Guillaume Feral, France 200 Lyc, canopy, painted, etc, (N969RG)
1152N2115Chuck Gallaway, VAPreviously N80959 Cont 145; painted
1153N80960Floyd Perry, CA180 Lyc
1154N80961Bill Cox, CA (N266JT)
1155N80962Destroyedacc. 10-2-71, in water near San Francisco, CA
1156N80963Kent Koester, CACont 145; sticks
1157 N45PBrad Madden, VAPreviously N80964 project
1158N80965 Destroyedacc. 6-4-74, Advance, NC
1159N80966Mark Holliday, MNCont 145; polished orig.
1160N80967 Destroyed?1977 registration to H J Fortright, PA
1161N80968 Destroyed?acc. 6-4-74, New Carlisle, OH
1162N80969 Bryan Benton, COCont 210; unpainted, Temco paint trim
1163N80970Destroyed? Terry Derbigny, CA 5-26-85, Moorpark,CA
1164N80971Don Thompson, OR Cont 145; orig,,painted
1165N80972Harley L. Howell III, WApainted Cont C-145-2 (N801JF)
1166N80973Jim Steier, NECont 210; canopy, sticks, polished
1167N80974Larry Haas, KSCont 145
1168N80975Destroyed in Mexico around 1970
1170N80977 Kevin Kilroy, MACont 125
1171N80978 Paul Smith, IDCont 125
1172N46GSBrian Silcox, WAPreviously N80979 200 Lyc, Canopy
1173N80980Judith Faltenbacher, NJ
1176 N80983Tom Walz, MNCont 145; painted
1177N80984Destroyed?1977 registration to John Freeman, IN
1178 N80985Destroyed?no report since accident 10-29-52
1179N80986 Melvin Eisaman, CO stock appearing, painted
1180 N80987? 9-46
1182N80989Gary Eklund, WACont 145, painted ex Canadian Swiftbird (Rick Scott C-FFGY)
1183N80990Phil Jimenez, FL Damaged 4-25-83, FL (N81MA)
1185N80992DestroyedSantiago, Chile Cont 145, was CC-PKA
1186N80993Millers American Honey, MT180 Lyc, painted red
1188N80995Dave Theen, FL Cont 210,flush riveted,etc.
1190N80997Fred Jessen, SC Cont 145, "new look", mostly polished
1191N11HFJim Nixon, FLPreviously N80998 180 Lyc; Canopy
1192N80999Bud Brown, GA180 Lyc, Canopy
1193N3200KJeffery Rock, CACont 125, downdraft cooling
1194N3201KDamaged, destroyed?150 Lyc.5-19-83, Bedford, MA
1195 N3202K Kevin Kennelly, COCont 210
1198N3205KDestroyedin CO 5-15-67; parts in MN, blind canyon
1199N3206K Destroyed in NC in '40s - Eddie Shields has parts
1200N3207KJohn Johnson, AKCont 125, stock
1201 N3208K Destroyed 6-20-76, Waco, TX at bottom of Lake
1202 N3209K Destroyed 8-06-05, Cypress, TX
1203N3210KHarold Garner, SCCont 210; Canopy, etc.
1204C-FUUYLarry Adamson, CanadaPreviously N3211K Cont 145. Reported Oct 2015 to be on top of pole in Port Perry /Hoskins Field, Ontario BC
1205C-FHKV Francois Bougie, CanadaPreviously N3212K Cont 145
1206N3213K Tom Taylor, CACont 145; painted was N51KG(N212TT)
1207N3214KAnthony Gadis, CA 200 Lyc.
1208N42TXBrian Moses, TX Previously N3251 Continental 145, polished fuselage, mostly original
1210 N3217KDestroyed7-23-72, Coudersport, PA, fuel vent
1211N6LMDavid Deatherage, SCPreviously N3218K. 150 Lyc.
1212N3219KVirgil Vetter, KSdamaged, parts
1213N3220K?Don Holmes "Round the World Swift"now in IL; (N332HM)
1216 N81CWKurt von Salzen, CA Previously N3223K 220 Franklin
1217N3224KPete Boronkay, TX150 Lyc.fus & tail reskin. etc
1218N3225KDestroyed ? Number on Beech A36
1219N3226KDestroyed ?accident 3-4-53 in OH, no inj.
1221 N3228KBrian Silcox, WAparts - rebuldable? acc. 10-96
1222N3229KDestroyed?wing seen at Diamond Pt, WA
1223N3230KBrooke Barnes, WA
1225N3232K Allan Ericson, CACont 145; Stock appearing, painted
1226C-FKMDMaureen Hager, Canada Previously N3233K
1228N3235KWaldo Cavender, TXCont 145, polished, stock
1229N3236KDestroyed ?1977 registration to Garmon Simmons, CA
1231N3238KDestroyed (was N11HR) many parts used on N80613, engine mount failed returning from Oshkosh 1970, forced landing, centersection cut to move, no injury to pilot
1232N3239KDestroyed near Gallup, NM 1962
1233N3240KMichael Jester, IN Cont 145: painted, stock
1234N3241KDennis Wittman, CA Cont 210; stock appearing (N1122W)
1235N3242K Tom Porter, CA180 Lyc painted red/white
1236N3243KMark Kadrich, CACont 145
1237N3244KGeorge Rodda, INCont 145
1238N3245KClyde Wellons, NCCont 125, painted
1239N3246KDouglas Slade, AZ
1240N3247KRick Kirk, INPolished, Cont 125
1241N3248K Howard Hanson, MNCont 210, original looking, polished, ex-John Halling
1242 N3249KDouglas Sampson, VApainted red, destroyed loss-of-power accident AZ parted out on ebay
1243N3250KExported UK G-AHWH reg cancelled 6-61
1244N3251KEd Pierce, ILCont 145
1245N3252KGreg Papendick, MI150 Lyc; painted
1246N3253K Mark Lundell, AZ Cont 210; Canopy, reskinned
1247N3254K ?Sale Reported
1248N3255KDestroyed Cleveland,GA, 6-26-93, injuries
1249N3256KCraig Layson, Spring Lake, MI
1250 N3257KPete Sauer, KSCont 145; polished, original
1251N3258KChuck Hagen, ND 180 Lyc (N44S)
1253N3260KDestroyed5-13-74, Huntington, IN, buzzing
1255N3262KDestroyedin Ca. 1-28-73 (Mac McGowan)
1256N3263KHoward Thalacker, WICont 145; painted
1257N3264K Bobby Budde, CAproject
1258N3265K Dave Anderson, TX Cont 145
1259N3266K (LV-NNN) Exported, Argentina, damaged 8-20-00, stored San Fernando Airport, Buenos Airies
1260 N3267KDavid Behne, CA
1261N3268KDestroyed prior to 1970 in IL. Alan Abell has parts
1262 N3269KMike Jones, CA 180 Lyc.
1263N3270KDestroyed ?acc. 10-28-78, Pikeville, KY
1264 N3271KSwift Museum FoundationFor Sale
1265N3272KRay Bassola, VA Cont 145, polished original
1268 N3275KExported, became ZS-BNA, VP-YVX, RJ-RVX
1269N3276KGraham RossExported, damaged South African Reg. ZS-BMZ
1270N3277KMike Brown, SACont 145, South African Reg. ZS-BCE (Exported)
1271N3278K Exported So Africa ZS-BMY
1272 N3279KClive Sword, UK Exported, Rhodesia, So. Africa, was ZS-BMX, now G-ARNN, UK, being rebuilt
1273 N3280KExported So Africa ZS-BDA, YP-YMS, ZS-MEL being rebuilt
1274N3281KExported So Africa ZS-BMI, Destroyed at Baragwanath 9-10-49
1275 N3282K?
1276 N3283KDuane Golding, TXCont 145, polished, original looking, sticks
1277 N3284K Sam McDowell, NCCont 210; Canopy, sticks
1278N3285K Fred Latrimore, ALCont 125, polished, flying 6-2000 after 27 years
1280N3287KThomas Hughston, FL Cont 210; painted, mural (N888JG)
1281N3288KDudley Lillesve, MN or OR ?Cont 145
1282N3289KLarry Rengstorf, CAWas in A&P school, rebuilding
1283 N3290KAlturair, CA rebuilding (now N3890K)
1284N3291K Destroyed ?acc. 5-13-65, Linton, IN
1285N3292KDavid Pease, GALyc 0-360, sticks
1286N3293KMarcus Legarra, CA
1287 N3294K Claude Morgan, CACont 210; Canopy, polished (N69JR)
1288N3295KVaughn Armstrong, TN (N3924C) destroyed, parts
1289N3296K Paul Lacy, VACont 145; damaged, in rebuild
1290N3297KJim Schrum, ILStock appearing, painted
1292N3299KDestroyed ?accident 5-21-50 in IL., no inj.
1293N3300KTony GreenCont 125; very orig. Australian VH-XTG (exported)
1294N3301KJerry Cobb, GACont 145; very original appearing
1296N3303K Hal Cope, TXCont 210; Canopy, painted black, tan, Grand Champion 2000
1297N3304KErin Oliver, CA 150 Lyc.
1300N3307KDenis Arbeau, CA Cont 145; original
1301N3308KTom Mackie, CAthought destroyed by fuel truck, may be rebuilt
1302N3309KDon Bartholomew, NV rebuilding, accident 3-18-04 (N369BZ)
1303N3310K Bill Jennings, GA 180 Lyc, painted
1304 N3311K
1305N3312KBill Gass, CA Lyc O-360, Lescher sticks, Weddel retractable tail wheel. Owned since Aug 1972
1306N3313KDick Wilfong, TX Cont 210, painted yellow/orange
1307N3314KRobert Lunsford, NM 150 Lyc. acc. 11-23-92, status unk ?
1308N3315KGerald Bauerle, LA Cont 145
1310 N3317KDestroyed in Az. 9-1-70, VFR in IMC
1311N3318KDavid Kipp, TNCont 145, Buckaroo rudder and wingtips
1312N3319KDestroyedCA, crashed, burned,4-7-92, pilot survived
1313 N3320KMonte Zema, WA Cont 210; polished ?(has another)
1314 N3321KRay Mort, TXCont 145, original
1316N3323KPerry Sisson, FLCont 210, canopy, painted, Swift National Grand Champ '97 and 2006
1317N3324KJack Francis, UTCont 210
1318N3325KDon Bartholomew, NVCont 145; damaged at Jean, NV '96
1319N3326KDestroyedcentersection on N80551(N8055A) (Pete King)
1320N3327KChristian Uter, Germany180 Lyc now US registered
1322N3329KTiffany Doelger-Mullooly, CACont 145, painted red
1324N3331K Wayne Wright, MD
1325 N3332K Exported Germany D-ECEZ destroyed used for parts on s/n 1469
1326N3333KGary Snider, IACont 145, was Cont 210, polished, near stock
1327N3334KTom O'Neil, OH Cont 210, painted, stock app.
1328N3335KRobert Maddox, VA Cont 145
1330 N3337KDestroyed10-28-67,Titusville, FL
1331N3338KDestroyed '50s parted out; D.Dressler has wing
1332 N3339KDestroyednear Hobbs, NM, July 1963
1333 N3340K?
1334 N3341K?
1336N3343KBud Wrightington, MACont 210; orig. looking
1337 N3344KJim Ward, COCont 210, polished
1338N3345KDoris Mitchell, CA150 Lyc; painted
1339N3346KDestroyed4-13-67, Stillwater, OK
1340N3347K Exported Argentina (LV-NNL)
1341N3348KSteve Berg, GA200 Lyc Destroyed 9/18/2010 GA
1344 N3351KDan Harper, MA180 Lyc, painted
1347 N3354K Destroyed'50s parted out; wings on N80905
1348N3355KDestroyed ? 1977 registration to Kenneth Moss, CA
1349N3356KWm O'Connell, CACont 145, painted (N853D)
1350N3357K Harley Howell, WAacc. 3-13-79, Tenino, WA
1351N3358K Roy Harmening, PADestroyed? used to build up N41P; s/n 1128
1352 N3359K?
1354N3361KBob Price, VACont 125
1356N3363KDestroyed ?acc. 8-23-63 Latrobe, PA
1357N3364KRichard Langsdale, MICont 145
1358 N3365KGlen Dell, South Africa Exported. ZS-BDB Cont 145; polished, yellow trim
1359N3366KSteve Wilson, TXRebuilding as TCM 210
1360N3367KChris Carson, OH
1361N3368KJim Rice, TNCont 145, polished
1362 N3369K?A Piper J3 was registered in Sept 1946 with this number! Swift s/n 1362 was made on Oct 29, 1946 according to records, but what "N" number?
1363N3370K Jimmy Minor, TXCont 125, unpainted
1364N3371K Larry Rengstorf, CA rebuilding
1367N3374KDestroyed 11-28-70, Burning Spring, CA VFR in IMC
1371N3378KJared Smith, CACont 145, original, 2001 Oshkosh award winner
1372N3379KJohn Parker, NV(N1600)
1373N3380KJules Kabat, NV180 Lyc; inst. 1967
1374 N3381K?
1375N3382KDarrel & Ann Harris, WYCont C-125 Assembly project
1378N3385K James Salmonson, NYCont 145, highly polished, mostly original
1379N3386KDestroyed in Pa, 1961, parts at Slatington
1380N3387KDavid Anderson Conroe, TX Cont 210, just rebuilt, painted silver was N387K back to N3387K
1381N3388K Russell Thomas, CA
1382N3389K Dr Bruce Kaufman, WICont 210, canopy, polished
1383N3390KDarrel Fowler, WACont 145
1385N3392KRanley Nelson, PA Cont 125: polished, no damage history
1386N3393KJohn Ramsey, TX
1387N3394KDestroyed5-13-73, Fairfield, NJ, contam.fuel
1388N3395KNick Dudley, NCCont 210; Canopy etc. polished
1390N3397KBinford Benton, NCacc. 2-10-91 painted (N77PB)
1391N3398KBrad Stahl, CA Cont 145
1392N3399K Scott Hellem, IL Cont 145; ex Pauline Genung, Ed Wegner
1397N3704KSteve Wilson, TXRebuilding
1398N3705KBo Maybry, NC 180 Lyc. Canopy (N79K)
1400N3707KSteve Goodman, AZCont 210, painted red
1402N3709KMike Meade & Rick Holbrook, KYCont 125
1405 N3712KCharles Patton, OHUnder Restoration
1406 N3713K?
1407N3714KDestroyed in Ely, NV in 1955
1408N3715KDavid Durham, SC180 Lyc, sticks, restored First flight since the sixties on Saturday 11/03/2012
1409N3716KDestroyed8-24-74, Manchester, TN prop fail
1410 N3717KVirgil Vetter, MO
1411N3718KDestroyed acc. 10-24-90, Sulphur, LA Buck Jewell has parts
1412N3719KTerry Bloom, FL Cont 210, painted
1413N3720K Les Shannon, TXCont 145; painted
1414N3721KAllen Campbell, SC Cont 125, polished, original
1415N3722K Destroyed ?1977 registration to James Higdon, GA
1416N3723KSteve Pitcairn, PACont 210; painted (N7BR)
1418N3725K Mark Runge, OHCont 145
1420N3727KL J Fossel, GA Cont 145, Buckaroo tips
1422N3729KSteve Roth, VA200 Lyc, sticks
1423N3730KExported So Africa 12-46
1424N3731KAlan Dicker, AZCont 210; Canopy, FLYING test a/c 2-48
1425N3732K Exported So Africa ZS-BRZ
1426N3733KAnton Barnes-Webb So AfricaExported. ZS-BRY, painted red, white, blue
1427N3734KDestroyed Larry Rengstorf has parts, may be rebuildable
1428N3735KKen Kneer, MNCont 145, stock, painted red, just over 500 hrs TT
1429 N3736K Exported, CS-ACT
1430 N3737K Exported HK-4P
1431 N3738KDestroyed
1433N3740KRon Williamson, CA150 Lyc.
1434N3741K Henry Dittmer, CO Cont 145, orig., polished
1436N3743KDave Willcock, Canada150 Lyc.(C-FJMR)
1437N3744KDestroyed ?sale rep. acc. 8-18-68, Galion, OH
1438N3745K Willam Troy Hittle, AZ180 Lyc, polished
1440N3747K Destroyed8-3-48; Jack Worley recovered in'90 no parts
1441 N3748KDouglas Clukey, FLCont 125; unpainted
1442N3749KDave Tennant & Rick Grossman, CACont 145, glass cowl, painted blue P-40 scheme
1444N3751K Destroyed ?1977 restoration to Stanley Clark, OH
1445N3752KJay Owen, MI Cont 210; was N209DA (N94JH)
1446N3753K Destroyedby fire 7-28-73, Ballston Spa, NY
1447N3754KDestroyed 5-29-84, Rockwood, TN Will Gess, owner, pilot
1448N3755K Brooke Barnes, WA
1449N3756KRay Brown, FL
1452N3759KKeith Richbourg, TX180 Lyc (N836EC)
1453N3760K Sam Swift, TNCont 210, canopy, sticks, leather, paint, etc
1454N3761KJack Worley, OR Cont 145; glass cowl
1455N3762KLawrence Otterson, WACont 210 prototype
1456N3763KDestroyed ?accident 7-16-53 in IN, minor inj
1457N3764K Kirby Warden, TXCont 145; orig.,polished
1458N3765KParted out
1460N3767KJan Skibanski, VA
1461N3768K DestroyedDon Bartholomew has the fuselage
1462N3769KDan Payne, TNreskinning
1463N3770K Bert Yetman, TXCont 210; Canopy, sticks, etc. painted
1464N3771KDestroyed8-14-70, Morgan Hill, CA stall/spin
1465N3772KBob Remonte, TX Project, owned since 1977
1466N3773KGuido Perla, WA Cont 145, painted
1467N3774K Robert I Johnson, APO-SFO
1469N3776K Exported, was HB-EUS, OE-ANW now OY-EFG (Denmark)
1470N3777KWillis Eastabrooks, TXProject
1473N3780KDaniel Payne, TN
1474N3781KNate Andrews, WA 200 Lyc. was N101U, now N3783K, 3781K is on a Piper PA-28-140
1475N3782KJerry Scheidler, INCont 145; orig being rebuilt
1476N3783K DestroyedCont 210; 7-27-93, Durango, CO blind canyon
1477 N3784KDestroyed 7-14-47 Pomona, CA, out of fuel
1478N3785KDon Bartholomew, NV Damaged in Cal. 1976
1479N3786KDestroyed7-24-66, El Toro, CA
1480N3787KTerry McCartney, WACont 145; ex Snap Lemon a/c, orig
1481N3788KSwift Museum, TN Cont 125,polished original, a/c in Swift Museum, TN
1482N3789KWilliam Nelson, ILCont 145
1483 N3790KDestroyed1985 (Wm Hiller) was 220 Franklin (was N11HN)
1484N3791KExported to Australia 2011 Ex. Ed Clegg, ME 145; painted silver with orig. type Globe trim
1485N3792K Destroyed7-21-71, St Paul, MN (fuel pump) rudder is on N80779
Note: The vertical stabilizer & tailwheel assy went on N80539, the
landing gears on N78097, many other parts around the U.S.
1486N3793K Francis (Bruce) Volpe, FLCont 210, painted, rear seat, '60
1488N3795KExported Brazil PP-DOI, Cont C-125
1489N3796KAlbert Kendall, UToriginal
1490 N3797KDestroyed3-1-66, Venice, FL
1492N3799KPaul Mercandetti, MA(N84799)
1493N3800KJames Cummiskey, CA Cont 210; painted
1494N3801K Jerry Cohen, OHCont 145
1495N3802KJim Henderson, OR Cont 210, canopy, sticks, painted yellow/black
1496N3803KDestroyed ?acc. 5-19-72, Dallas, TX
1498N3805KEd Swart, WI1964 info
1499N3806K Bob Cutler, TXCont 145; painted (N57PC)
1501N3808KBill Kientz, MODamaged 5-27-80 fuel exhaustion
1503N3810K Ted Cash, COCont 145
1504N3811KDestroyed ? accident 10-4-53 (Globe s/n) Note: Records show it built 3-47; making it the only 1947 Swift Probably built '46, reg. '47 and sold by Bankruptcy Ct.
3501 N3812K Steven Cook, NJ1st Temco Swift (Globe s/n 1505), IO-360 Continental Conversion with Adel landing gear, 150 Seats, battery access mod. Painted silver, stick mod, with factory canopy.
3502 N3813K(1506)
3503 N3814K Warren Harmon, TX(1507) 145, painted, Sensenich (N48WH)
3504 N3815KDestroyed ?acc. 7-1-67, Birmingham,AL (1508)
3505N3816KAriel Alvarez, PR Cont 210; in Puerto Rico (1509)
3506N3817K Bruce Douglas, SC180 Lyc, sticks (1510), polished award winner
3507 N3818KDestroyedin CA 12-18-66 (1511)
3508N3819KDestroyed ?1977 registered to H W Sanders, TX (1512)
3509N3820KRocky Rutter, OK Cont 145, sticks (1513) Painted new, now polished
3511N3822KDestroyed 1973, reported down in Alaska, intact (1515)
3512N3823KJerry Conner, TX 180 Lyc.sticks etc. (1516)
3513N3824KJim Jones, GA180 Lyc, Canopy etc. (1517)
3514N3825KLanson Ross, GACont 145; painted (1518)
3515N3826KDestroyed6-18-68,Red Bluff, CA(1519)
3516N3827KDavid Raibley, TX Stock looking; painted
3517N3828KDestroyed(1521) prior to 1950, Santee, CA
3518N3829K Destroyed ?(1522) 1977 registration to Irwin Williams, NY
3519N3830KRaymond Humphrey, TNCont 145 (1523)
3521N3832KDestroyed11-6-65, VFR in IMC (1525)
3522N3833K William Babb, CACont 145; orig. cowl (1526)
1527N3834K Pat Boye, Jeff Kolert et al, IL Cont 145, Buckaroo cowl, last Globe s/n
3523N77751Destroyed (D'Arcy #2) was Franklin eng.
3524N77752David Hogan, IAExcellent condition
3525N77753Steve Wilson, TXCont 145, Conservator for over 30 years! polished, original
3526N77754Destroyed11-12-50, pilot & pass inj,dog not inj
3527N77755Henning Joest, Germany200 Lyc.,painted
3528N77756John Georgen, IA Cont 210 Canopy and Sticks; ex Geo. O'Neil, was N172H
3529 N77757Dan Tobas, PACont 125, painted blue/white, a/c parked
3530N77758Destroyed ? in Alaska? in Ca?
3531N77759Andy Aalto, MICont 145, polished original
3532N77760 Dan Holden, NMCont 145, painted, '94
3533N77761John Northey, Canada200 Lyc., painted, C-FXMH
3534N77762?Did this serial number become the Buckarro prototype?
3535N77763Exported to Belgium, OO-XLS Destroyed at Punta del Este, Uruguay 3-7-49
3536N77764R.J. Hamlett Exported was Belgium 00-KAY, Spain EC-AJK, now UK G-AHUN
3537N77765 Exported to Belgium, OO-ALI to D-EJID (9-58) Destroyed at Holenhagen, Remsheid 5-22-61
3538N77766 Exported to Belgium, OO-GAI to LX-AIS (2-2-55) Destroyed10-13-58
3539 N77767Exported to Belgium, OO-GAZ to OO-JAB (9-48) Destroyed at Grimbergen 6-6-56
3541 N3841KMike Caito, FL Cont 210; Canopy, sticks etc.
3542N3842KDavid Menzimer, WACont 125 Flying again!
3543N3843KGeorge Snyder, AZCont 210-Turbo,flush skinned damaged, stored
3544N3844KBrad Madden, VA Cont 145; (N62172) painted white, Comanche cowl
3545N3845KJeff Smith, NC Cont 145, painted
3546N3846K Ron Urbonas, CACont 210; unpainted, stock looking
3547N3847K Fred Gordon, GApolished, orig.
3548N3848K?not reg. last owner Clive Ostenberg
3549 N3849K Jeff Smith, NCCont 125 polished
3550N3850K Destroyed5-13-64, Baypoint, NY (N113H)
3551N3851KDestroyed2-22-76, Hespera, CA
3552N3852KDon Bartholomew, NVDestroyed - parts
3553N3853KDestroyed ? registration revoked
3554N3854K Bob Lee, WICont 210, sticks, polished, orig type Temco trim
3555N3855KDestroyed1-19-68, Westminster, CA
3556N3856K Ed Lloyd, TXCont 210, canopy, sticks, polished, orig type Temco trim
3557 N3857KDestroyed ?wing on N3740K with this number
3558 N3858KDestroyed mid air with DC-6, Dallas, TX, 6-28-52
3559N3859KGuy Morgan, NY replacing 125 Lyc. and refurbishing
3560N3860KBryan Benton, CO Cont 145 polished, original
3561 N3861KDestroyed ?accident
3562 N3862K?
3563N3863KRobert McLean, MDCont 210; apart,being refurbished
3564N3864KWilliam Zangs, IL200 Lyc, stock cowl, canopy
3565 N3865KDestroyed ? Rudder on wall in hgr. Diamond Point, WA
3566N3866KDon Woodhams, MI Cont 145, Grand Champion Original, Athens '99
3567N3867KDestroyed7-21-07 Cottage Grove, OR
3570N3870K Frank Darius, CT Cont 145; picture PRIVATE PILOT, 9-70
3571N3871K Bill Harris, NM 200 Lyc; painted
3572N3872K Charles Yeagle, FL Cont 145; painted (N1CY)
3574N3874K?Sale Reported
3575N3875KBrian Lemke, IL 200 Lyc; painted
3576N3876K Steve & Barb Wilson, TXStock appearing with TCM 210. OSH award winner.
3577N3877KEdward Gray, CanadaC-FDRM
3578N3878KDouglas Jasa, CACont 145; polished, orig.
3580N3880K Tracy Rhodes, NV Cont 210, 3 bladed prop, polished
3581N3881KDestroyed12-20-74, Lafayette, GA VFR in IMC
3582 N3882K?
3584 N3884KDonald Emory, TX200 Lyc; Canopy, polished, experimental, (N84NS) Made Experimental (Swift II) by Bruce Seguine, original Registration Cancelled 7/13/1999
3585N3885KWarren Fleis, COCont 145
3586N3886KJack Hilliard, TN180 Lyc.
3587N3887KDon Casto, WVCont 210, painted
3588N3888KBrad Madden, VARebuilding
3589 N3889K Howard Bohl. CACont 125, unpainted
3590N3890KFern Villeneuve, Canada160 Lyc. C-GLYN
3593N3593KDestroyed ?1977 registration to Anthony Vinci, NE
3595N3895KDestroyed ? accident 4-14-52, Wixom, Mi. injuries
3598N3898KKyle Slover, NYCont 145, polished, sticks
3599N3899KWarren White, WA1996 info